how our services work

To be valuable in the digital space and to keep patients or prospective clients engaged, you need to be relevant. You also need to be contextual - not just a pet owner, but what kind of pet and pet owner. Your content needs to reflect the understanding and knowledge level of your audience.

Essentially what you are building, is a Pet Owners Digital Learning Center.

If that is you, keep reading.


Pillar content managment

We help veterinarians figure out what content is going to be more valuable for their digital channels. Are you going to focus on cat owners, dog owners, exotic animal owners? Will you teach owners how to care for animals, maintenance, look for signs of health impacts, etc? We help you organize and manage the many moving parts of content management using pillar pieces of content that match the target audience you want to attract.


Digital Ad Management

We have spoken to many clinics that have tried different ad platforms like Facebook or Google with mixed responses. The key is having an experienced manage who can manage various ad sets to create the best performing ad for your clinic or hospital. It takes some time - but it’s faster than SEO and organic content marketing. If you want to target your approach and sell higher ticket services for your clinic or hospital, digital ads is the way to go along with an experienced management team like us.